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Tottenham’s 2018-19 kits leak, now available to buy in Asia

They are exactly what we thought they’d be.

The concept designs for Tottenham Hotspur’s 2018-19 kits made by Nike have been out there for a while now, but thus far we’ve only seen conceptual drawings or computer renderings and not the actual kits in the wild.

Well, now we have. The new home and away kits are apparently now for sale in parts of Asia, and a photo of the new kits leaked onto Twitter on Wednesday. Take a look!

So yes, the home kit has that gradient design, and the away kit is very similar to the template that virtually every Nike team at the World Cup is wearing this summer, with a dark blue shirt with light blue weird accents on the shoulders.

And I hate them both.

My initial feelings were that the home kit could be a lot worse, until someone in the Carty-Free writer’s room reminded me that the blue gradient means that the team can’t wear all-white kits on Champions League home matches without it looking really, really stupid. And that’s enough for me — the all-white look is a staple of European nights at Spurs, and Nike just ruined it. Also, the gradient makes it look a lot like the promotional poster to the movie Jaws, and now I can’t unsee that either.

As for the aways, they are straight out of the Nike template book and that’s really lame. While dark blue away kits are good and the white AIA logo is also good, the rest of it is trash.

And that’s not even mentioning the unseen third kits, which are rumored to be TEAL.

My opinion: two thumbs THBBBBBPT.

The new kits are expected to be available in time for Spurs’ preseason tour to USA, but I don’t think I’ll be buying one. What say you?