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WATCH: Son Heung-Min’s golazo against Mexico wasn’t enough to keep him from crying

Sonny scored one of the best goals of the tournament, but he’s still sad. Someone hug him!

Korea Republic v Mexico: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

South Korea needed to beat Mexico to have any hope of advancing out of their World Cup group in Russia today in Rostov. They didn’t quite get it done, dropping a 2-1 decision.

That’s sad, but we at least got one HELL of a goal from Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-Min that we can hang our hats on. Take a look at this GOLAZO from Sonny in injury time:

Holy smokes! That goal is AMAZING and is clearly good enough on his own to exempt him from his country’s mandatory military service, right? RIGHT?

Alas, that wasn’t enough to get Korea through to the next round, and in the process the loss absolutely DESTROYED Sonny, who broke down crying in the tunnel after the match and was consoled by none other than South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

“The son of the moon, the man who poured out tears. The president of JPG Moon Jae-in (24) held at the Russian Rostov arena in Russia, 2018 Russia World Cup F trillion Star League the second round of the Republic of Korea and Mexico after watching a match, defeated the Korean national team locker room and encouraged the player to come in and cry.”

There’s probably a better translation than that, which came from Google, but I don’t care, that’s poetry.

If you can’t look at those photos of Sonny breaking down and have your feelings feel things deeply, then you are a monster. Just look at this photo!

Photo @hankookilbo

I vote we establish a Kickstarter campaign to fly someone over to Russia right now to give Sonny a hug. Lots of hugs. Infinite hugs from now until the start of the Asian Games. Sonny is sad and I will not be satisfied until we see smiley, happy Sonny again.