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Tottenham trigger one year extension to Michel Vorm’s contract

Sure, why not?

Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Everyone who follows Tottenham Hotspur pretty much assumed that backup keeper Michel Vorm was going to leave Spurs this summer. His contract was expiring in the offseason, and being 34 years old, it made sense that this would be the season he’d head off to finish his career at another club via a Bosman.

Well, surprise!

I wasn’t aware that Vorm had an extension clause in his contract, but that makes sense — it’s similar to a lot of other contracts at Spurs right now that contain one or multiple extensions to existing deals. Look at Erik Lamela, who if I’m remembering correctly was signed on a 4+2+1 contract, and Spurs have now exercised both extensions on his original deal.

I’m a little surprised at this move, to be honest. Spurs were already up against a wall for the “association-trained player” rule for the Champions League, and an easy way to get around that would be to let Vorm go and sign a cheap English third keeper.

But on the other hand, Vorm is a perfectly serviceable backup to Hugo Lloris. He did well in the cups (apart from the FA Cup semifinal loss to United) and has performed admirably in the rare times he’s needed to fill in for Hugo. He’s been a good servant to the club.

So maybe this means there’s something going on with Paulo Gazzaniga? Because the only way this makes sense is if we let Gazza go either via sale and loan and replace him with someone English and/or home-grown.

But whatever! Vorm will stick around to help see Spurs into their new stadium, and he’ll probably bid the club a fond adieu next summer. Sure, why not!