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Napoli wants to buy Kieran Trippier, but Daniel Levy won’t sell

In fact, he might be in line for an improved contract.

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Something conspicuously absent from the Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumors so far this summer are stories about other teams buying Spurs players that Tottenham otherwise wouldn’t be interested in selling.

According to the Standard, there IS some interest in at least one under-the-radar Tottenham player. Dan Kilpatrick, who has been killing it with the Spurs-related content lately, writes that Napoli has an interest in purchasing right back Kieran Trippier, but that Spurs have no interest in selling him.

In fact, Spurs appear interested in giving Trippier a new contract to improve his wages, which are currently at £50,000/wk. I would say that we probably won’t see that contract happen until after the World Cup, but Harry Kane has already made a liar of me today, and I’m hesitant to make any further predictions at this point in time, thank you.

Trippier is 27 and is pretty much the player we expect him to be at this point in his career. He’s not going to improve much anymore, and I feel like we have documented his tactical strengths and shortcomings quite well on this blog. You can have your own opinions as to whether or not Spurs should be looking for an upgrade at his position or not, but it certainly looks as though he is quite firmly in Mauricio Pochettino’s plans going forward.