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Son Heung-Min returns to Tottenham ahead of Asian Games

Rejoice, American Spurs fans — it looks like he’s going on tour!

AFP/Getty Images

There might not be much going on in the way of signings, but I have some good news for Tottenham Hotspur fans.


Our favorite Korean international superstar has returned to Tottenham Hotspur training after a couple of weeks off following the World Cup. Sonny’s Korea team was eliminated (heartbreakingly) in the group stage, which gave him a nice breather.

I think most of us are surprised to see him back in training, but we probably shouldn’t be, as he’ll need to stay in tip-top shape ahead of the Asian Games, which start next month. Korea’s U23 squad (which includes Sonny) assembles on July 30 before heading to Indonesia the the following week, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sonny waits to parachute in until just before the tournament starts.

And this is also great news for American Spurs fans, because this is is a pretty strong indication that Sonny’s going to be going on the preseason tour to the USA next week! That means Spurs fans in LA, San Diego, and Minneapolis will be able to see him in person. I’m a little jealous.

Welcome back, Sonny! Keep smiling!