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Tottenham officially release 2018-19 home and away kits

They’re here, and available for purchase now.

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It’s official! Tottenham Hotspur have released their new home and away kits for the 2018-19 season. The announcement came through social media, and the kits can be viewed on Tottenham’s website and are available for purchase through the Tottenham Hotspur online store and in person at official Spurs shops.

Up until now we’ve only seen conceptual drawings and the occasional photograph of a leaked kit that got into a store on the early side, but not the full kit with shorts and socks.

Here they are.

I continue to argue that the fade to blue on the home kit is mostly ridiculous and has two major drawbacks First, it will look utterly terrible when Spurs play in white shorts on Champions League matches (assuming they continue the all-white European night tradition). Secondly, as a colleague of mine wrote in the Carty Free Slack room this morning, from a distance the fade makes the players look like they’ve cinched their shorts up too high, or in the words of my colleague, “They’ll look like a bunch of tucked-in Scott Parkers.”

The aways are fine, I guess, except the strange shoulder and shorts color, and the fact that as a Nike template we’ve already seen these exact kits numerous times already at the World Cup in different colors.

One official goalkeeper kit was also released with little fanfare, and perhaps with good reason. The colors of Hugo Lloris, Michel Vorm, and Paulo Gazzaniga’s new kit were borrowed from last season’s purple and fluorescent yellow third kits and are... well.

The club didn’t release the rumored third kits yesterday, but those are expected to come out soon.

Look, it’s not like Nike have whiffed entirely. Their purple and black training wear, which Spurs players have been photographed wearing in training and friendly matches the past couple of weeks, are fantastic, as is this blue match day warm-up top, which is just weird enough to be compelling. But I’m not a fan of the kits this season, and wish Nike had come up with something classier and more distinct for Spurs’ first season in their new home.

But hey, this is just my opinion. You can purchase the kits beginning today at the Tottenham Hotspur Shop, and if you’re planning to watch Spurs play at their USA tour, no doubt they’ll be for sale in LA, San Diego, and Minneapolis before and after the matches.