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Christian Pulisic ends contract talks with Dortmund, opening possible move to Premier League

If Daniel Levy isn’t still interested in the American Golden Boy, he damn well should be.

Borussia Dortmund v Benfica - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Don’t start getting excited quite yet, but Christian Pulisic isn’t quite as nailed on to a new contract at Dortmund as everyone seemed to think a couple of weeks ago. There’s schputt* floating around social media at the moment that states Pulisic has ended negotiations with Dortmund over a new deal and is considering a move to the Premier League

Dig a little into this rumor and you find this article in Bild, which references an interview which Pulisic’s father had with Sky Germany. In that interview, Mark Pulisic suggests that his son is very open to a move to the Premier League as the next step in his development as a player.

“We traveled all over the country and got to know all the nuances of English football - the craziness outside the stadiums and the singing inside. He really got a feel for the English passion for the Premier League.

“The Premier League is a league in which he was always eager to play. With so few players staying their entire career at one club these days, chances are he’ll move to other clubs in other leagues. At the moment Christian is playing for Dortmund and there he plans to play again next year.

“Football is crazy. You always have to go with the flow and make sure that the player feels comfortable, whichever decision he makes. There is no magic formula. Is it right to stay in Dortmund? Who knows. Is it right to change to another club? He may think so, or someone else thinks that way, but maybe the player does not even think about it.”

Pulisic is 19, American, and crazy talented. Dortmund had previously hinted that it would take a bid as high as £63m to pry him out of Germany. The above news has apparently alerted not only Tottenham Hotspur, who were confirmed to have had an interest in him earlier in the window, but also Chelsea and Liverpool (who, disgustingly, are the two clubs mentioned in that tweet).

I have no idea anymore if Spurs are still interested in Pulisic, but they damn well should be. If a deal for Anthony Martial can’t be completed, a 19-year old Pulisic would be in my opinion a much, MUCH more attractive option for Spurs than a 26-year old Wilfried Zaha, even if Zaha gets you an extra association-trained player. Zaha is a great player and would improve Spurs’ squad, but Pulisic is every bit as good right now, and he’s only 19. Plus, imagine how annoying it’ll be for American Spurs fans if the USA Golden Boy ends up at a club like Chelsea or Liverpool. Ick.

I have no illusions that any deal for an attacking player of Pulisic’s or Martial’s caliber will be completed before the very end of the window. But holy moly, if that’s really the price and Pulisic is open to coming to the Premier League, Daniel Levy needs to get his bald head on the phone to Germany right friggin’ now.

* — Pennsylvanian Dutch word meaning “teasing.” I’m not named “Menno” for nothing.