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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday, August 15

Apps and public transportation.

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Hello, everyone!

A public service announcement that I had originally intended to share yesterday: I will be on vacation in Madrid for all of next week, so there will be no rambling from me. If you have any recommendations on sights to see, things to eat, and day trips to embark on, feel free to share! Also, any tips for falling asleep on planes are appreciated.

Ramble of the Day

While on public transportation sometime in the recent past, I took a break from staring at my own phone and looked at my surroundings for a brief moment. Obviously, most other people in my view were on their phones, and I could see that the person next to me was on YouTube.

It made me wonder about the go-to apps that we go on when we need to occupy ourselves. In my case, it is almost always Twitter. I’m always far enough from the top that I will be able to keep myself occupied long enough, and it is occasionally entertaining, but almost always keeps me busy. I also frequently just go straight to my Google Chrome app, where I have a number of articles that I save for when I have a bit more time to read them (current number: eight).

Additionally, it had me thinking about my app using habits in general, and the morning app routine. I always start with whatever emails I received in the middle of the night (there are always a few), and then work my way to Slack to find out what random topic starts the conversation in the Cartilage Free Captain writers’ room. From there, I check up on all of you Hoddlers and go through all of comments before finally making my way to Twitter. I finally go to Instagram, mostly so I can clear all of those Instagram stories at the top of the app.

These app habits get sort of ingrained into your general habits. I’ve found myself turning on my phone in moments of boredom, or exiting certain apps after doing something actually meaningful, and then clicking on certain apps without thinking twice. It frequently ends up being Slack, even if I’ve just checked it or know there is no need.

This is not to degrade technology and social media entirely, considering they are very useful. In fact, the ways we occupy ourselves when we’re bored and have a spare minute or two when we don’t want to look at the strangers on the train in a tunnel that we’ve already seen a thousand times over are fascinating, to me at least. It is somewhat like bending a bit to check out the book one of your fellow train riders is reading; it makes a mundane activity a little bit more entertaining, and makes the stranger on the train more interesting.

tl;dr: Random thoughts and observations on public transportation.

Links of the Day

FIFA has a new code of ethics, making it easier for those with corrupt habits to get away with having them.

MLS is downplaying recent comments from Mark Wahlberg in which he said he would be interested in buying the Columbus Crew while current owners look to move the club to Austin.

David Squires is back with another cartoon, this one about the return of the Premier League.

Transfer roundup: Valencia have signed Denis Cheryshev on a season-long loan from Villarreal and Kevin Gameiro from Atlético Madrid; Keita Baldé has joined Inter Milan on a season-long loan from Monaco

Today’s longer read: Tim Gosling reports on the uncertainty around Czech side Slavia Prague with the club’s Chinese ownership group in severe debt for The Guardian