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Fenerbahce deny interest in Tottenham Hotspur’s Moussa Sissoko


Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-0 thrashing of Manchester United at Old Trafford wasn’t the only thing that got Spurs fans excited on Monday. That same day, reports emerged in the English and Turkish football media that stated that Turkish Super Lig club Fenerbahce had reached an agreement with Spurs for the season-long loan of Moussa Sissoko.

And there was great rejoicing. (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay...)

Unfortunately, it turns out that those reports were, well, let’s just call them “less than accurate.” Fenerbahce actually went to the somewhat extraordinary lengths of issuing a report on their official website that not only denied any formal deal but also that they had any interest in Sissoko at all.

Here’s a slightly cleaned-up Google translate of the short statement. I’m sure I mangled the translation, so please no judgement from any native Turkish speakers, but this pretty much reflects the gist of it.

In the public opinion, the news that we are attempting to secure the transfer of Moussa Sissoko and that we have given up purchasing him afterwards do not reflect the truth.

No members of the club, no manager, no player, has had transfer-related contact with Moussa Sissoko.

Well, that’s pretty definitive! Despite not purchasing any players this summer, Spurs are actually in a pretty healthy state at the moment, and it seems as though that would mean decreased minutes for Sissoko this season if he stays. A loan or sale before the close of the European transfer window might make sense, assuming anyone’s willing to take him off of Spurs’ hands for a decent fee.

As of now, though, that doesn’t look especially likely. Three days to go, though.