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Mirror: Tottenham eyeing Celta Vigo midfielder Stanislav Lobotka

You know what the trouble is Levy? We use to buy people in this club.

Scotland v Slovakia - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

With time running short in the summer transfer window, Tottenham Hotspur is rumored to have its eye on Slovakian international Stansilav Lobotka to bolster central midfield, according to various reports. Lobotka is reported to have a £31 million [€50m] release clause in his Celta Vigo contract.

Lobotka is a rather diminutive and shifty central midfielder, especially so when considering he often played as the deepest-lying player in Celta Vigo’s midfield in La Liga last season. A blog post by PMAnalytics takes a deep dive into Lobotka’s strengths. He looks like he has the tools to become a ball-progressing midfielder alongside a sturdier holding midfielder in Pochettino’s system.

His general ability to evade pressure is undoubtedly one of his strongest assets, helped most of all is his small stature. At only 5’7″ tall, Lobotka is consistently able to use his lack of height to his advantage. Being this small means he subsequently has a much lower centre of gravity and his balance is therefore better than most other players – that remains true whether he has the ball or not.

Who is after him?

As for the rumor itself, it’s an interesting one. The Evening Standard reports that Lobotka told a Slovakian outlet, Pravda, that he has been in talks since June to leave Celta Vigo.

“We have been in contact with Napoli for a long time. But we do not have to go ahead, we are still negotiating. The club they said clearly that if they come up with an interesting offer, they have no problem to let me go. But it has to be an adequate offer, as I recently signed an extension of the contract. We have to wait for it to happen. Another club from England [are interested], but I will not specify which club.”

Is it Spurs who are after him? We don’t know. Arsenal fans seem to think it could be them, and Paris St. Germain and Inter have also been rumored to be chasing his signing. According to Football España, citing Pravda, no club looks willing to reach the buyout clause in his contract... yet.