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Steve Bruce seems resigned to losing Jack Grealish to Tottenham

Well, that sounds more promising!

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All’s been quiet on the Jack Grealish front for a couple of days now, which depending on your point of view is either evidence that Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa are planning something, or the whole shebang is about to fall apart leaving us nothing but empty shells filled with tears and shattered dreams.

Grealish started for Villa in their 3-1 win over Hull City today, a match that was the Championship opener for both squads. The fact that Grealish was involved suggests that nothing is imminent in the transfer market, but Spurs fans might be buoyed by these post-match comments by Villa manager Steve Bruce.

So, that’s not nothing! It’s also a far cry from his previous comments which were along the lines of “lol Jack’s not being sold and even if he were it’d be for a lot of money.” Spurs are just about the only club with a serious interest in the Villa midfielder and Peaky Blinders extra, so I’m choosing to take this as a sign that the clubs are secretly in discussions and hashing out a deal that will see Our Boy Jack in lilywhite before the end of the day on Thursday.

Three days to go! How y’all holding up?