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A viewer’s guide to watching Tottenham Hotspur this season

There are some changes.

Girona v Tottenham Hotspur - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe that the off-season is almost over and Tottenham Hotspur will be kicking off the new season this Saturday at St. James’ Park against Newcastle United. Week in and week out, we try our best to tell you how to watch the matches (legally) as we reach them in the schedule. There are some changes this year, primarily in the United States, so consider this our unofficial guide to watching every match in every competition from Newcastle until whoever we face in the Champions’ League final.

English Premier League

  • United Kingdom / Europe TV Rights: Sky Sports / BT Sport / BBC Sport (Highlight shows only)
  • United States TV Rights: NBC / NBC Live Gold / NBC Live Extra
  • Latin America: ESPN Deportes / Sky Sports / ESPN Brasil
  • Asia: STAR Sports / SBS / J Sports / Country-specific networks
  • Oceania: Optus Sports / SBS / beIN Sports / Sky Pacific

The TV rights that the Premier League has is far-reaching. Sky and BT paid a record £5.2 billion for viewing rights between 2016-2019 in the United Kingdom, and not all matches are shown. Each week will have a few designated slots for television on Sky and BT, while BBC Match of the Day remains the main place for a full highlight show of every week’s matches.

The United States coverage has changed a little bit in the last couple of seasons. After NBC gave every match away to viewers who had the necessary cable subscriptions, NBC Sports Gold was released last season for $49.99. This covered some of the lesser viewed matches, but every club is slated to have at least a few matches on the Gold package. Angering pub-goers last year, NBC didn’t have a package set for commercial locations and forced them to buy online options. This year, NBC has put together a package that allows commercial locations to view Premier League for $199.99 for each stream.

Worldwide, coverage is a mixture of Sky Sports and beIN Sports, with ESPN dominating Latin America and South America. There have not been any new mega-deals in regions this year, so whoever your broadcaster was last year more than likely has the same rights this year.


  • United Kingdom / Europe TV Rights: BT Sport / Sky Sport / beIN Sports
  • United States TV Rights: Turner Broadcasting (TNT / Bleacher Report Live / UDN)
  • Latin America TV Rights: ESPN Deportes / FOX Sports
  • Asia TV Rights: DAZN / SuperSport
  • Oceania TV Rights: Optus Sports

European coverage for the Champions League hasn’t changed this year. BT, Sky, and beIN have the bulk of coverage in countries, though there are some outliers such as France, who gets coverage on RMC Sport. Matches that appear on TV are picked ahead of each matchday, with highlight shows covering the rest.

The United States’ coverage is drastically changing this year for the biggest club competition in the world. Turner Broadcasting acquired the rights after FOX Sports carried the competition since 2009. World Soccer Talk is saying that there is a 66% decrease in available matches to watch this season (146 matches compared to 46 this season), but those numbers are nit-picked because of regional coverages. Fox did show more on the national channels over the course of the competition, but there is no doubt that Turner Broadcasting is trying to cash in after spending $65 million per season for coverage rights. Pricing plans for ensuring you can watch the matches you want range from $2.99 / match, a month subscription of $9.99, or an annual package of $79.99. Turner also moved all Europa League coverage to streaming only, except for the final match.

No rights changed in any other country that we are aware of, with ESPN / FOX maintaining hold in Latin America while Asia and Oceania are primarily SuperSport and Optus.

EFL League Cup

  • United Kingdom / Europe TV Rights: Sky Sports / beIN Sports
  • United States TV Rights: ESPN
  • South and Latin America TV Rights: ESPN Deportes
  • Asia TV Rights: Sky Sports / beIN Sports
  • Oceania TV Rights: beIN Sports

Sky Sports will have the rights for the United Kingdom to the Football League Cup, primarily showing on Sky Sports Channel 5. Europe is a mixture of Sky and beIN with some nations having their own regional sports channel.

The Americas coverage has changed to ESPN, dropping the woeful programming that beIN offered. However, much of the League Cup will be carried on their premium streaming network, ESPN+, which is priced at $4.99/mo.

The rest of the world gets a mixture of Sky and beIN Sports.


  • United Kingdom / Europe TV Rights: BT Sport / BBC Sports
  • United States / Latin America: Fox Sports
  • Asia TV Rights: STAR Sports / beIN Sports
  • Oceania TV Rights: NINE Network

The FA Cup primarily remains the same as the EFL Cup this time around, with BT and BBC carrying the bulk of the coverage in the United Kingdom and Europe.

United States’ coverage is listed as Fox Sports, but their contract was supposed to end prior to the season so this may change, though all signs expect Fox to maintain this contract so they have something in England to show.

Asia leans heavily on STAR Sports and beIN Sports while Oceania will show matches and highlights on the NINE Network.

So there you have it. Week in and week out, match times and days can change depending on how far Spurs progress in other competitions but these are the carriers who will have your matches on a weekly basis.