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Report: Grealish disappointed but won’t force Spurs move

What is even going on.

Hull City v Aston Villa - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ashley Allen/Getty Images

In the ever-twisting saga that is Jack Grealish’s potential move to Tottenham Hotspur, Midlands football writer Nick Mashiter says he’s hearing that Grealish has been told the midfielder is not leaving Aston Villa, and that the player won’t be attempting to force the move.

Daniel Levy reportedly submitted a formal bid of £25 million for Grealish to Aston Villa executives late last night. This morning, reports arose that Villa had rejected the offer outright, claiming that the price range actually laid somewhere between £32-35 million. The BBC’s Simon Stone reported that Grealish was “furious” at this development, as it was understood between the player and the club that £25 million was an agreed-upon price for his exit from the cash-strapped club.

Is this simply a negotiation tactic by Aston Villa brass in an attempt to extract a pricier deadline day bid? Mashiter’s tweet doesn’t discredit other reporting about Grealish’s displeasure, but it’s a little concerning that Grealish appears at least content enough to sit still and continue to bide his time. The £25 million bid sure seems fair, and Daniel Levy is not one to take kindly to the goalposts being moved on him at the last second. That said, it sure feels like there’s another chapter to this saga.