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ESPN: Spurs bidding again for Grealish; Pearce: no they aren’t

Update: but #actually, they probably won’t.

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Aston Villa put out a pretty definitive statement on Wednesday after Tottenham Hotspur placed a £25m bid for Jack Grealishnot only are we moving the goalposts on you, he’s also not for sale at all. The result apparently left Jack disappointed, but resigned to staying in the Championship, not the Champions League.

But perhaps not: ESPN is now reporting that Spurs are readying an improved bid of £30m for Grealish, the same amount that they paid for Moussa Sissoko a couple of years ago.

That’s a crap-ton for a Championship player and borderline extortionate, but with Spurs not really having any other options in the transfer market, perhaps Daniel Levy thinks that overpaying for one player that they want is preferable to the PR disaster of not signing anyone in a summer transfer window.

It’s not official, obviously, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. In the meantime, go brush up on Grealish’s best by watching a couple of Peaky Blinders reruns.

Update: Welp, according to Spurs journo Ben Pearce, ignore everything I just wrote I don’t know what to believe anymore halp