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Pochettino “not worried” about Tottenham’s lack of signings

Well, glad somebody isn’t!

Girona v Tottenham Hotspur - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Mauricio Pochettino had his first pre-match press conference ahead of the new Premier League season, and as you might expect, questions mostly focused on Tottenham’s complete lack of signings in the transfer window.

“Of course, it’s difficult to understand for people that Tottenham didn’t sign or sell players, but sometimes in football you need to behave differently. If we are happy with our squad and cannot improve our squad, sometimes it’s better to keep our squad together. We believe a lot in our players and why not repeat a similar season like last year or the season before, and with more experience? We are going to be better – no doubt about that.

“The market was crazy. We have a very good squad, with very good players and it is very difficult to add players to that. We didn’t sell players and with 25 players in the squad it is difficult to add players. It’s not about adding because it’s fashionable. Our targets are always the same level as Manchester United, Manchester City or Real Madrid but for different circumstances we can’t achieve that.

“I am not worried, I am not sad. I am so happy. To keep our best players was our objective and goal and we have achieved that – at the moment, we will see what happens in the next 20 days in Europe.

”If you can’t add a player than can improve your squad, the most important thing is to make sure you do not lose your best player and I think that was a great job from the club to keep the best players and the best manager!”

That’s certainly putting a positive spin on things! Unless things change dramatically here in the next two and a half hours it certainly looks like Spurs will go into the new Premier League season with almost exactly the same team as it ended the last one, pending any future player departures.

This is bitterly disappointing to fans, of course, and you would have to think that Poch would be none too pleased about it either, but he seems to be toeing the club line, at least publicly. And he’s correct that Spurs did not lose any of the core players that helped Spurs to a third place finish last season. That’s at least something good.

But I’m not going to try and convince you that whiffing on the summer window is a good thing overall. It’s infuriating and humiliating, especially since Tottenham have once again let things go to the end of the window, and this time it seems to have backfired. If you want to hold out hope, there’s still time for a last minute bid for Jack Grealish, or a Van der Vaart-type last minute signing, but I’m not holding my breath at this point.