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Saturday Week 4 Premier League open thread

Liverpool’s gotta lose sometime, right?

Liverpool FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Hello, Carty Freebirds. (Did I just coin a new phrase? YEP!) Today I learned while looking for a feature photo for today’s open thread that Liverpool has a mascot named Mighty Red. That’s dumb. That’s not a mascot that strikes fear into the hearts of young children. Mascots should make adults uneasy when they walk by, and should make kids avert their eyes lest they believe the idea expressed by the costume will somehow suck out their soul with the power of their cold dead eyes.

Today is a special, special day. It’s not only a full day of Premier League matches, but it’s also the Son Heung-Min Gets Out Of Military Service Day. South Korea plays Japan in the finals of the Asian Games, and if Korea wins the entire team gets exemptions from military service. This will be the open thread for both that match and the Saturday Premier League games.

No, of course it’s not televised anywhere. Normally this is the point where I say illegal streams are bad and don’t post them, but screw it — this is important and there’s almost literally no legal way to watch it. So go ahead and post your favorite stream. But this is only for today and you have to eat your meat first. How can you have any pudding if you won’t eat your meat?

Asian Games Finals (GO SONNY)

South Korea vs. Japan
7:30 a.m. ET, 12:30 pm BST

Saturday Premier League matches

  • Leicester City vs. Liverpool — 7:30 a.m. ET, 12:30 pm BST
  • Crystal Palace vs. Southampton — 10:00 am ET, 3:00 pm BST
  • Everton vs. Huddersfield — 10:00 am ET, 3:00 pm BST
  • Brighton vs. Fulham — 10:00 am ET, 3:00 pm BST\
  • Chelsea vs. Bournemouth — 10:00 am ET, 3:00 pm BST
  • West Ham vs. Wolverhampton — 10:00 am ET, 3:00 pm BST
  • Manchester City vs. Newcastle — 12:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm BST