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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, September 12

Thoughts on the difficulties of searching through Yelp.

Watford FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Hi, Hoddlers!

Let me tell you about a small experience I had yesterday, and have had on other days.

Ramble of the Day

I have been in the process of planning a night out with my friends, doing the heavy lifting on this occasion. That has led to me scouring Yelp for a dinner spot, which I always go into casually and quickly end up getting stressed over.

For whatever reason, this happens every single time I have to look for food on Yelp, be it for my friends, my family, or myself. It’s silly, considering the people I end up looking for food for are not particularly picky or hard to feed. In fact, we all have rather similar tastes, which makes the job somewhat easier. Yet, the work always ends up being a difficult experience.

Here’s how it goes: You narrow down a location, and the first few results don’t really pan out. That’s fine, because there are still a zillion options to go through. Suddenly, though, it’s been 45 minutes and you’re still looking. You remember that you have other things to do, some of them time sensitive, but not really that time sensitive. You think about how your friends are relying on you to give them this important information, even though they’re cool people and you’re doing everything in a timely manner. Then you start from the top, thinking your criteria was too harsh at first, and you somehow end up with a few options. Your friends are pleased. You are pleased. You end up looking forward to your night out, and forget all about the stress of searching through Yelp until you have to do it once again.

I have no idea how to conclude this ramble. I’m just going on and on about this possibly unusual experience. Sometimes, having a lot of information at your fingertips can be overwhelming.

(For what it’s worth, the plans are settled,. I have quickly rewrite this last line to indicate that I feel the stress leaving my body because of the confirmation I have received.)

tl;dr: Yelp is hard to deal with sometimes.

Links of the Day

UEFA is planning a third club competition that could start in 2021, possibly with 32 teams.

Bolton Wanderers are expected to go into administration and be docked 12 points, as chairman Ken Anderson failed to settle a loan repayment dispute.

Italy’s Serie B will play the season with 19 teams after three clubs were not allowed to participate for lack of funds, and another six were rejected entry on appeal.

Chilean midfielder Diego Valdés apologized for a racist gesture he made ahead of the national team’s 0-0 draw with South Korea.

David Squires sounds off on the UEFA Nations League and the Republic of Ireland drama with Roy Keane in his latest cartoon.

Today’s longer read: Marcus Alves talks to Robinho, who answers a wide variety of fan questions about playing with David Beckham, riding the buses in Manchester, and more for FourFourTwo