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Tottenham target Jack Grealish signs new five-year deal with Aston Villa


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Aston Villa v Brentford - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Aston Villa successfully moved the goalposts and prevented their star player Jack Grealish from signing with Tottenham Hotspur this summer, and now have made it even harder for him to move in the future without a monster fee. Villa announced via their social media channels that, as expected, Grealish has signed a new five-year contract with the midlands club.

According to a Telegraph article from yesterday, Grealish is set to “more than double his current £20,000 a week salary,” and my only reaction is that Jack Grealish was only on £20,000/week and holy crap how did we not sign this guy.

This is good news for Jack, who got a good contract out of Spurs being interested in him. He’s probably still destined for the Premier League, but I have no idea now when that will happen and if he’ll be an Aston Villa player when it does.

The implication is that Villa have no intention of selling him in January, because they are leveraging Grealish’s ability to help the club earn promotion this season, something they narrowly missed out on after losing to Fulham in the Championship playoffs last spring. There are also suggestions that Villa are not yet out of the woods financially, with the Telegraph reporting the EFL could possibly mete out punishment for FFP as soon as next year.

However, if you want hope, there’s the chance that if Villa don’t promote he could end up moving... somewhere. You’d have to think Spurs would be right up there in terms of likely clubs, assuming they are still interested.

Grealish has been a fixture in Steve Bruce’s side again this season, but has yet to score in Villa’s opening 10 matches in all competitions.