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Marcus Edwards named to Eredivisie team of the week

Mini Messi is still out there doing Mini Messi things.

VI-Images via Getty Images

Let’s take a look at one of the young Tottenham Hotspur players who’s currently out on loan. Marcus Edwards was shipped out to [Extremely Stan Lee Voice] EXCELSIOR! in the Dutch league on August 30, just before the close of the European transfer window. It was kind of interpreted as a last-chance-saloon kind of loan, especially after a disastrous spell at Championship side Norwich City last year.

So how’s he doing? Well, not too shabby, apparently! He was named to this week’s Eredivisie team of the week along with PSV’s Luuk de Jong and some 35-year old guy named Robin Van Persie.

Edwards has played in all three matches he’s been available for EXCELSIOR! and while he hasn’t scored yet, he has picked up an assist. If you’re wondering what Edwards looks like, he’s still very fast and still loves a good dribble, and still has a tendency to not pull his head up and look to pass to teammates. “Mini Messi” still applies.

Someone online put together a supercut of all his touches in his most recent match against Herenveen, and yep, he still looks a lot like Marcus Edwards.

It’s the Eredivisie which as we know can overemphasize the skills of attacking players, but this has the appearance of being a positive loan move for Marcus. I don’t know what his Tottenham future looks like, but early signs are he’s doing good things for his career in the Netherlands.