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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, January 25

A rambling ramble.

Belgium v Japan - International Friendly Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Hey, everyone!

I hate to ask, but I might need a Swedish translator at some point today. If anyone can be of assistance, please let me know.

Ramble of the Day

Here’s something I realized, and then said out loud, right before I started rambling: I like the reading aspect of Twitter more than I like the tweeting aspect of it.

The concept of tweeting is fine and good and bad tweets depend on the content of the tweets. Yet, more than anything, I like Twitter because I like reading other people’s tweets. Ranging from funny to informative, it’s a pretty good platform to learn about certain things and keep up to date on others. I’ll admit that I’ve learned quite a bit about the world from Twitter, and also gotten in contact with some nice people along the way.

Here’s the thing, though: I don’t care that much for tweeting. Some of it is about being very selective in what I tweet; after all, only a rather small percentage of the things I think about and talk about probably need to end up on my nice followers’ feeds. It’s not a big deal — things that go on the internet should be interesting enough to share.

What’s probably more notable is that I’ve just never gotten into the habit, despite spending a lot of years on Twitter and social media in general. I’ve never found it genuinely rewarding, though I wonder what I need in a Tweet, or a social media expression. The only other social media I use is Instagram, and the reward is obvious: I’ve basically created a photo album of nice pictures for myself to look at, and it’s cool if other people look at it. Twitter, I find to be more complicated. I hate the actual attempt of trying to get retweets and likes, and I find that striking a balance between interesting, informative when I need to be, and entertaining easier said than done.

I wonder if it ultimately comes down to be being a little bit more introverted than extroverted. That probably explains why I have no need to share most of the things I think or say. To be fair, the only reason I share them here is because there are days where I can’t think of anything else to say or write. Like I noted at the start, I never actually thought to ramble about this, but it’s not like I had anything else planned for today.

Plus, I gave myself quite a free pass today. You’re all probably skipping to the comments to talk about yesterday’s match. Maybe you’ll read the links, but you’re going quickly to the comments afterward. (Don’t worry, I’m not complaining.)

tl;dr: Reading Twitter versus tweeting on Twitter, and rambling.

Links of the Day

Officials have ended the search for Emiliano Sala and his pilot after a three-day search.

FIFA has urged Thailand to release Bahraini footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi, who has been in a Thai jail for almost two months.
supplemental viewing: David Squires’s cartoon on Al-Araibi’s case

Thierry Henry has been suspended by Monaco as the club decides whether or not to fire him.

Landon Donovan will come out of retirement again to play for the San Diego Sockers of the Major Arena Soccer League.

Transfer roundup: Brighton has signed forward Alexis Mac Allister from Argentinos Juniors, and loaned back until the end of the season; Crystal Palace has signed goalkeeper Lucas Perri from Santos on loan; Bayern has signed defender Chris Richards from FC Dallas

Today’s longer read: Tom Hamilton goes inside Ajax’s academy for ESPN