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Serge Aurier is trying to get Rabiot to come to Tottenham

It can’t hurt!

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It’s still pretty unlikely that Adrien Rabiot is going to end up at Tottenham Hotspur, but one of his former teammates seems to be giving it the ol’ college try. Serge Aurier and Rabiot were teammates at Paris Saint-Germain in happier times, and while both Serge and Lucas Moura have ended up on the fringes at the Parc des Princes, they both ended up playing for Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs.

Since Tottenham lately has turned into the Island of Misfit Parisians, there’s clearly room for one more player, and Aurier took to Instagram to make a not-very-subtle plea for Rabiot to head to north London. Here’s a still from his recent Instagram story.

Rabiot has been linked with Spurs for what seems like ages, but Rabiot (or maybe more precisely, his momgent) didn’t seem very interested. He wants out of PSG and can leave on a free transfer this summer. And when the alternative is Barcelona, you can start to understand why, but news out of Rabiot’s camp was that Tottenham was “beneath” Rabiot’s talents.

However, with Barcelona recently signing Frenkie De Jong from Ajax for their midfield, the rumors are starting to hot up slightly. PSG have made affirmative noises indicating they’d be willing to make a cut-rate deal for Rabiot now before they lose him for nothing this summer. Reports were Pochettino was making contact with Rabiot for a last-chance pitch to try and bring him here.

Rabiot’s attitude issues are well documented, but he’d waltz into Spurs’ starting XI and would immediately be their best central midfielder. He’d also join a club where “shithousery” is both embraced and (occasionally) encouraged. I’m not ashamed to say that I’d LOVE for this to happen. I still don’t think it’s likely, but a little extra pressure from some of Rabiot’s old French mates can’t hurt, right?