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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, January 28


Tottenham Hotspur Training Session Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

I think it might be time for another food hot take.

Ramble of the Day

Beverages are lovely, but outside of the alcoholic type, they can fairly easily summed up: without flavor, or sweet. A third category can be the types of beverages that are well-known as bases for sweetness, but that’s pretty much all of them. A couple of days ago, I wouldn’t have challenged this, or even thought twice about it.

Over the weekend, though, I enjoyed a little bit of juice. It had cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, and cayenne, and it was delicious. Weirdly, it also tasted a little bit salty. I’m not sure what it was; I could taste the rest of the flavorful ingredients, but could not spot where the salty taste came from. It didn’t matter that much, though, because I had a thought: Salty drinks are pretty good, and there aren’t enough out there.

Nothing needs an overwhelming amount of salt, drinks included, but think about what it could do for certain clean slates of drinks. Green juices or smoothies, for example, frequently involve some flavorful component, pineapples and apples, frequently. The juice I had the other day decided to go down a spicier road, but a little bit of salt added goes a long way.

I tend to enjoy salty drinks whenever I can, now that I think about it. I drink salted lassi about once a week, which is a great way to add depth to yogurt mixed with water, and I also enjoy a salted lemonade. I’m aware that there are people that make a salty and sweet lemonade, but I never responded well to the sweet part of lemonade — it cancels out the tart of the lemon or lime instead of working with it, I find. Why are you drinking lemonade, I ask, if you don’t really care for the sourness? A little bit of salt doesn’t get in the way, especially if you add ridiculously sour unsweetened cranberry juice to the drink.

It’s not like a little bit of salt would work in every beverage. I personally like my sparkling water unsalted (and unflavored), and there are actually a number of drinks salt doesn’t belong in. It is probably time that a few salty beverage options exist on the market. It could be a decent stand-alone type of beverage, the way coffee or tea is sometimes enjoyed, and sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for water or something sweet to drink.

tl;dr: More salty drinks, please.

Links of the Day

A private search for Emiliano Sala and pilot Dave Ibbotson started over the weekend after a GoFundMe page for it raised €300,000.

The FA will investigate allegations of racist chants from Millwall fans during the team’s FA Cup matchup with Everton.

Notts County is up for sale.

Monaco have rehired Leonardo Jardim after firing Thierry Henry.

Transfer roundup: Crystal Palace has signed Bakary Sako from West Brom on a six-month deal; Inter has signed Cedric Soares on loan from Southampton; Fenerbahce has signed Victor Moses on loan from Chelsea

Today’s longer read: Steven Morris on the volunteers who were part of the search for Emiliano Sala and pilot Dave Ibbotson for The Guardian