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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, October 23

And now, a word from our players.


Hi, everyone!

Feeling good, I hope?

Ramble of the Day

Considering Son Heung-min scored a brace yesterday, I believe I have to acknowledge the good vibes sent in his direction in the Hoddle comments yesterday. I’ll also extend the feelings by dropping this video of maybe the most lovable man to professionally wear a Spurs kit. (I do this for two reasons: one, I know you’ll love it and I must serve my audience; two, you’re not going to be paying attention in the happiness of yesterday.)

Anyway, enjoy Son!

Bonus! A video of Érik Lamela that I think you’ll enjoy just as much.

tl;dr: Celebratory video messages from Son Heung-min and Érik Lamela.

Links of the Day

Two men have been arrested for racially abusing players during the FA Cup tie between Haringey Borough and Yeovil Town.

Bristol City is investigating claims that fans racially abused Luton Town fans over the weekend.

The NWSL will expand to Louisville, Kentucky. The team will begin play in 2021.

The AFC has moved the AFC Cup final from North Korea to China, citing existing sanctions and concerns from broadcasters.

Today’s longer read: Tim Lewis interviews Peter Crouch on being a footballer and hanging out with Mickey Rourke for The Guardian