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Lucas Moura downplays talk of poor morale in Tottenham changing room

“I know nothing was leaked in the locker room, nobody said anything about wanting to leave.”

Tottenham Hotspur v Watford FC - Premier League Photo by Mark Leech/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

So long as Tottenham Hotspur remains in a funk of poor results, its players are going to continue to be asked about what’s really going on in the changing room. It’s only natural — it’s one of the areas where fans are rarely invited in to see what goes on.

However, it does mean that players should really start getting used to being asked by reporters for any tidbits about behind the scenes life at a struggling Spurs. Lucas Moura was recently asked that question in an interview with ESPN Brazil after the Liverpool match.

Unfortunately, the video linked in that tweet is region locked and doesn’t play outside of South America. However, Sport Witness has the translation, and according to Lucas everything is just dandy, as far as team cohesion.

“Inside the locker room, there’s nothing. The locker room is normal, the atmosphere has always been very good, the group is very united. This matter of speculation about any player wanting to quit is hard to answer. I think it’s personal for each one. I know nothing was leaked in the locker room, nobody said anything about wanting to leave. I think the atmosphere is very good.”

“The proof that the atmosphere is good was the good game we played. The last game was very good in the Champions League [vs. Red Star], and now we were able to play against Liverpool. Of course, the moment isn’t the best, we’ve had some irregular results, but it’s part of football. We have to stay together and focus on working to reverse this situation.”

I have no problem believing that the Spurs players are not actually at each other’s throats at the moment despite the team not actually playing well. There’s also a healthy amount of Lucas’ media training kicking in here, especially when dealing with a Brazilian reporter. However, I’m pretty sure all the players know or at least have a pretty good idea of which players are trying to get out, which players are club loyalists, and which are waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.

In short, Lucas seems to be saying that nobody’s in open revolt right now, even as they try to be professional about various player futures. I’m not sure we can draw too much more beyond that, however.