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Who would you put on your Tottenham Mount Rushmore?

It’s quiet today. Let’s talk faces carved in stone.

Faces of American Presidents, South Dakota

Some days, there just isn’t much news. That’s the case today — which means that it’s time to get some quality discussion content on the website dot com. I was thinking today about Mount Rushmore — those four American presidents carved into the stone of a South Dakota Black Hills mountainside. Who decided which presidents to include? Why those four?

It got me thinking: what if we could do a Mount Rushmore for Tottenham figures?

I brought the question to my fellow Carty Free masthead members and asked the question: which four Tottenham figures would you want to see on Mount Spursmore? We limited the parameters to the Premier League era, but the criteria can be anything. Best players? Most hated? Best at banter? Doesn’t matter. Just give us four heads you’d like to see in giant rock form, preserved for eternity.

I’ll start, and I’m going to cheat by doing three, all on different criteria.

Mount Bestmore

Ledley King • Teddy Sheringham • Gareth Bale • Luka Modric

If you are going with the four best Tottenham Hotspur players in the Premier League era, these are my four choices. King is a legend who was held back by his knees, Sheringham was a fantastic player (though his best moments came at other clubs), Gareth Bale scored some of the most amazing goals I’ve ever seen, and few players controlled a midfield like Luka Modric.

Mount Shithousemore

Danny Rose • Erik Lamela • Eric Dier • Evil Chirpy

My second list is a Mount Shithousemore, and it’s heavy on current players because a) all of them are epic shithousers and b) my memory gets fuzzy the further back you go into my Spurs fandom. But all four of these characters have mastered at least some of the football dark arts, and they’re the kind of guys you’d only love if they were on your team.

Mount Carty Free

Tom Carroll • Ryan Mason • Harry Kane • Marcus Edwards

These four players are former Tottenham academy players that the Carty Free masthead hyped while they were still young. Some of them turned out good, fulfilling our incredible talent prognostications. Others... didn’t. This is all prelude to us dynamiting these heads to make way for four carvings of Troy Parrott in various poses within five years.

A few members of the masthead also weighed in.

Alex Greenberg

Mousa Dembele • David Ginola • Dimitar Berbatov • Gareth Bale

My Mt. Spursmore is made up of the coolest players to play for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League era. These Spurs played with swagger and flair and are great personifications of the club’s “To Dare Is To Do” motto.

Pardeep Cattry

Son Heung-Min • Mousa Dembele • David Ginoa • Dimitar Berbatov

These players, in their own ways, were all about style. Dynamic individually and easily bringing out the best of the rest, these four may not make the classic Rushmore, but you know you love each and every one of them. It’s simply hard not to.

Who’s on your Mount Spursmore? Put your four players, and your criteria, in the comments.