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Tottenham’s 2020-21 away kit color scheme has leaked, and they’re GREEN

Tottenham Timberspurs?

We still haven’t fully gotten used to seeing Tottenham Hotspur play in their 2019-20 kits, but we know what they all are and they have worn all three of them at least once. But time marches on and kit leaks wait for no blogger — yesterday the website Footy Headlines dropped what I think is the earliest Tottenham kit leak I’ve ever seen when it said that Nike is developing Spurs’ 2020-21 away kits.

But that’s not the interesting bit. he really interesting thing that the color scheme — get this — is GREEN.

Why should we believe this? Because Footy Headlines is THE pre-eminent kit and football equipment leak website, and they’re almost always correct. The only time in my memory that they’ve gotten Spurs’ kits wrong was last season, and only because they reported that the iridescent Spurs and Nike logos would be on the away kits instead of the training gear. Everything else was spot on.

So we can probably safely assume that Spurs’ away kits next season will be primarily in these two shades of green. The design itself is to be determined, however, and that’ll come out in due course.

I can’t recall Spurs ever playing in green before. I think it’s an historical first, even with the wild third kits that pop up now and then. Spurs’ away and third kits typically keep to the blue or purple color spectrum, with the thirds occasionally branching out to yellow, last year’s teal (which is in the green spectrum I guess) or even those infamous brown kits. The keepers have worn green before, sure. But the entire team?

But this is extremely green. Green on Tottenham is... uh, well. It’s... um. Yeah. It’s extremely Portland Timbers, isn’t it?

I’m not saying I hate it, because I actually don’t mind the shades and think it could look pretty cool, especially as a third kit slash European away kit. But for a standard change kit? It’s just not Tottenham, is it?

What do you think?