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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, November 12

Checking up on footballer fashion.


Hi, all!

I do believe it’s time for an Instagram deep dive, edition: not Spurs players.

Ramble of the Day

I’ll admit that I have a fascination with footballers’ dress sense, but only those who dress somewhat uniquely. By this, I mostly mean the ones that prove a theory that I have: footballers tend to be slightly different from the average person their age (male footballers, especially). It could be explained by a particular circumstance of affluence, fame, and age — one might find more in common with the average footballer and a comparable famous person than a comparable not-famous person.

James Maddison doesn’t dress particularly unusually — it’s really all in the details. He likes an oversized top, a looser fit in the pants, a mostly simple pair of shoes, a watch that stands out, and occasionally a necklace that is a little bit less flashy. You might actually run into a not-famous person of a similar age (and perhaps into some of the same things) that dresses like this.

Regardless, it feels like a relatively standard young, rich, male footballer look. There may be almost a decade separating the two, but Sergio Agüero also rocked a similar style in the music video for Tini’s “22.”

That all said, the above is really just an innocent prelude to the fashion choices of Tom Davies.

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Vacation In Hell

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I was surprised to discover over the weekend that Everton’s own is a fashion enthusiast, interested in the more unique looks out there. If you pay attention to the fashion of the young and rich, you’ll realize that Davies isn’t the first to dress like this and won’t be the last — in fact, he reminds me a bit of Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín. Still, you’re not going to run into a ton of people that look like Davies, which makes his eclectic taste more fun.

I’m actually slightly upset I didn’t know about this before, and that he doesn’t have a reputation for it (perhaps outside of a relatively small circle of football watchers). That’s not even to start on the fact that Davies found himself in Flatbush over the summer, which certainly isn’t on the Basic Footballer’s Guide to New York City. He’s certainly not into fitting any norms, and it’s hard to do anything but applaud it. Go on, young Tom.

tl;dr: Quick notes on the fashion of James Maddison and Tom Davies.

Links of the Day

Raheem Sterling will not play in England’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Montenegro after he was involved in an altercation with Joe Gomez.

Dean Henderson has been added to the England squad, while Ross Barkley and Tom Heaton had to withdraw with injuries.

Christian Pulisic will not play for the U.S. in its upcoming Concacaf Nations League matches with a hip injury.

Today’s longer read: Sid Lowe interviews Kieran Trippier on the reasons for moving to Atlético Madrid and learning under Diego Simeone for The Guardian