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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, November 14

A lot of knowledge, in comparison to others


Hey, all!

I actually did have hot chocolate yesterday, in case you were following that very riveting story.

Ramble of the Day

It’s Thursday, it’s the men’s international break, and it’s question time: What is something you have a lot of information about, especially compared to most people you know?

These don’t necessarily have to be hidden secrets; perhaps you already have a reputation for being an expert in [insert relatively specific thing here]. Maybe it’s a solo passion that you like to enjoy by yourself, or have to through no other option. Either way, you’re a relative expert.

For me, the first answer that comes to mind isn’t the most interesting one, but it does satisfy the question. I tend to read up a lot about who might get nominated for Oscars, though I thankfully don’t take the Academy’s choices too seriously. I could tell you which movies to watch if you’re interested in which films might be nominated for Oscars (and I could’ve told you a few months ago, too). I can tell you which celebrities are shoving their faces into the faces of Academy members so they don’t forget them come voting time (and I can tell you which ones don’t need to work that hard for it — Scarlett Johansson — and those that do — Adam Sandler).

I’ll also project my opinion onto anything, if I have it and I find a place for it, and by that I mean I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t. (I have little to no opinions on this year’s crop of possible nominees currently — I’m running behind on my movie watching this year).

I don’t hide it from anyone — a few people in my life actually enjoy the information (thankfully), but I haven’t made any friends that I believe have the level of interest I have. It’s all good, though.

tl;dr: What’s something you know a ton about, particularly compared to most others in your life?

Links of the Day

Chile’s men’s team will not play during the international break in response to protests across the country.

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva has been given a one match ban after sending a racist tweet about teammate Benjamin Mendy.

Chelsea has signed Sam Kerr from the Chicago Red Stars.

David Villa will retire in January after a 19 year career.

Arsène Wenger has been named FIFA’s new chief of global football development.

Today’s longer read: Kim McCauley on Sam Kerr’s move to Chelsea and how it might shift the dynamic in the women’s game for SB Nation