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WATCH: inside Jose Mourinho’s first 48 hours at Tottenham

BT Sport went behind the scenes. No Amazon cameras detected.

It’s been a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Within the past 72 hours we’ve seen Tottenham Hotspur fire manager Mauricio Pochettino, the man who took them to the Champions League final, and hire Jose Mourinho, a man who has managed two of Spurs’ biggest rivals.

I’m still catching my breath.

But what’s been fascinating to me over the past couple of days is seeing the reports about Mourinho’s first moments of the club gradually start to trickle out. The above video is the latest... and one of the best I’ve seen so far.

BT Sport had cameras in place to capture Mourinho walking through the Spurs training ground — meeting the kitchen staff, talking with players at training — but also somewhat candid interviews with both Mourinho and Harry Kane, the first time we’ve heard directly from a player in an interview since the Spursial One took over. You also get a look at some of the personalities behind the Fighting Cock podcast (which you should listen to but only after you’ve finished listening to Wheeler Dealer Radio).

We’re going to get a lot more of this eventually — Amazon has most certainly been filming and this will be covered extensively when All or Nothing comes out — but this is an interesting look at the scenes behind Jose’s arrival at Spurs’ training ground.