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WATCH: Dele Alli created a goal from his butt

He’s back!

This sport is all about making grandiose claims with very little evidence. 45 minutes into the Jose Mourinho era and I’m ready to proclaim that DELE ALLI IS BACK, BAYBAY! The England assisted on Son Heung-Min’s first goal and while he won’t officially get an assist on Lucas Moura’s second, he made the goal happen from his dang butt. That’s right, he’s not only looking bright for the first time in a while, he’s creating goals while on his booty.

During a counter-attack, a ball was played out to the left wing. Dele was just able to keep it in play by sprawling to the seat of his pants and progressing the ball up to Son to keep the play alive. Son then found Lucas at the far post for a lovely goal.

You won’t see many plays like this in your life. That’s something Dele Alli has done throughout his career, doing things we very rarely see. Hopefully Mourinho is exactly what he needed to get back to his best form.