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Tottenham hand ban to fan who threw cup at Kepa Arrizabalaga

A total cup out imho


The fallout continues from Tottenham Hotspur’s loss to Chelsea at Spurs’ new stadium. Not only did Spurs play like hot garbage for much of the match, but the fans weren’t on their best behavior either. There was one reported incident of racism directed at Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger, and that’s obviously horrible and completely unacceptable. In addition, someone from the stands also threw what looked like a cup at Blues keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, nearly hitting him.

The racism charge continues to be investigated with full cooperation from both clubs and it is highly probable that the person who abused Rudiger will be caught and given a lifetime ban. However, Spurs were able to move quickly to address the cup-thrower, and in a statement released on their website Spurs have identified and banned the offender.

We can confirm that we have identified and issued an immediate ban to the individual responsible for throwing a cup at Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga during Sunday’s Premier League home fixture.

We shall continue to take the strongest action possible against anyone found to be behaving in this way.

—Statement, Tottenham Hotspur

Some fans are morons, and it doesn’t really matter what club they support — there are idiots in every fan base and no club should hold the moral high ground. What is particularly derp-worthy is that with the sheer number of cameras in the stadium, the idea that you could throw something and nearly hit a player on the pitch and NOT be identified beggars belief. I’d like to think that the people around him would’ve ratted him out, and maybe that’s what happened. Either way, s/he will no longer be able to watch their club play in Spurs’ home stadium for doing a really unfortunate and stupid thing.

Now, let’s find the racism-doer and prosecute them too.