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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, December 3

Questions and fashion with Town & Country

Tottenham Hotspur v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hey, everyone!

Would you look at that? I got another prediction about a Premier League manager getting fired! Maybe I should change topics

Ramble of the Day

Nicole Cliffe is a Twitter follow worth every glance at your timeline. She’s a brilliant writer, but also provides commentary on life itself, and she also recently posted a lot of pictures of dogs. She also cracks (and shares) good internet jokes, making every tweet and retweet a good one.

Much of her Twitter persona finds itself in her monthly tweet threads about Town & Country magazine. It’s a magazine with sometimes shockingly terrible articles and topics, and therefore very easy to pick on. The following is from the magazine’s October 2019 issue:

Cliffe makes a great point, but this is tame from Town & Country. An overly complicated watch that’s at least something to look at is par for the course for a magazine that concerns itself with fashion and style. Town & Country has a more specific brand than that.

Again, this is not unique to Town & Country, but this begins to explain that aesthetic. There are probably many comments to make on the fashion of the Romanovs, and how it related to their reputation and general trends of their time, but we’re definitely veering too close to romanticizing their lives. It’s wrong for a number of reasons, ranging long enough to write an essay on. I’m sure someone already has and I’m counting on the fact that I don’t need to drive the point home (because I’m kind of not allowed to). Anyway, I think we’re starting to see what kind of thing Town & Country is into.

They’re also into the silly and rich combination of questions and prompts, such as the above in the November 2019 issue. I don’t know what the point is here, and I don’t think I want to know. I just want to laugh at it.

It feels like nothing captures the essence of Town & Country’s more ordinary attitude than the above, also from the November issue. It’s very clear they’re catering to a very specific customer, and again, it’s hard not to laugh. The funniest part is probably that this is probably not their audience at all.

Quickly, I’ll put my point in the form of a question: Do you think the cool girl with trust fund reads Town & Country?

tl;dr: Town & Country is a very strange, ridiculous, and ultimately hilarious magazine.

Links of the Day

The FA has received reports of homophobic abuse from West Ham fans during the team’s match against Chelsea over the weekend.

FA Cup third round matches will be delayed by a minute to promote mental health.

Today’s longer read: Rory Smith on Arsenal Fan TV, finding what’s best for Arsenal, and the negative atmosphere at the Emirates for The New York Times