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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, December 30

Checking in on Zac Efron


Hello, all!

What would be the point of being the Hoddler-in-Chief if I couldn’t just put videos at the top of the Hoddle on a whim? Anyway, this one’s great:

Ramble of the Day

Maybe it doesn’t always feel that way in the Hoddle, but this is just one (daily) entry on what is actually a Tottenham Hotspur site. As such, everyone who runs the site and everyone who reads it tries to stay as aware as possible on all things Spurs, and therefore, it is my duty to keep tabs on the likes of Zac Efron.

You might remember that Efron wore a Spurs jersey back in April, being the dedicated fan he obviously is. He is now part of the fabric of the club, like any other fan; after all, the club did tweet about him and he was on Moussa Sissoko’s Instagram. (That’s probably how you become part of the fabric in the digital age.)

So to that update on Efron:

The great news is that Efron has since confirmed that he’s recovering. The more interesting news item, though, is that he was battling said life-threatening infection while filming a reality show called ... Killing Zac Efron. Per Vulture, this is what that show’s about:

Killing Zac Efron involves dropping the Baywatch actor onto a “remote” island for 21 days, “with nothing but basic gear, a guide partner, and a will to survive.”

The show dragged him to Papua New Guinea, where he got typhoid and then was taken to Brisbane, Australia via medevac for treatment. Efron tweeted Sunday that he’s alive and fine.

Efron said he also completed his task — he was to spend three weeks on his own, and it seems like him saying he spent three weeks in Papua New Guinea means he completed the shoot. It seems he didn’t complete one task: dying (though I hope he wasn’t actually intending to do that). Considering he had a life-threatening illness, I suppose we can give him credit for giving it his best shot.

tl;dr: Zac Efron got typhoid while filming a reality show called Killing Zac Efron.

Links of the Day

West Ham hired David Moyes after firing Manuel Pellegrini over the weekend.

Monaco fired Leonardo Jardim again, ending his second stint at the club.

League Two’s Forest Green Rovers has permission to plan the world’s first all-wooden stadium, saying it will be the “greenest football stadium in the world.”

Transfer updates: Borussia Dortmund signed Erling Håland from RB Salzburg; Zlatan Ibrahimović joined AC Milan on a free

Today’s longer read: David Hytner on Harvard professor Anita Elberse and her course studying celebrity and marketing power that attracts the world’s best footballers as students for The Guardian