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James Maddison a possibility for Spurs if Eriksen leaves

As the Danish playmaker nears a potential exit, Tottenham take note of Leicester’s young star

Leicester City v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Real Madrid loves Tottenham players almost as much as Tottenham players love Real Madrid. The Spanish giants are among the teams who are reportedly interested in Christian Eriksen, and Tottenham need to prepare for the grim possibility that one of our most unique players will leave this summer. Making the saga more urgent is the fact that Eriksen’s contract will expire one year from this July, and Spurs will likely sell him before then if they cannot agree on an extension deal. This means that, unless Tottenham can reach a deal with him, Eriksen is likely to leave within a year.

Eriksen’s contributions are significant, and transferring him would require immediate action to fill his role on the pitch. Tottenham currently lack a replacement with the footballing intelligence and precise technique to equal Eriksen. Enter James Maddison, the Leicester phenom who has been making a name for himself all season. The Times reports that Maddison is high on Spurs’ list after being an interest of the club for years. According to them, Tottenham have watched Maddison since he began to stand out for Coventry City in 2013. He’s scored five goals and contributed four assists for the 2015-16 champions so far this season, and at only 22 years old, has the potential to develop into a truly dangerous attacking threat.

Leicester bought him for £22 million in the summer transfer window, and The Times believe they would want upwards of £40 million from Spurs. Even with a steep price tag, Maddison is exactly the sort of player that Pochettino and Levy would do well to purchase: somebody with an established ability to compete at the Premier League level, but also on the cusp of developing into a top player. Under Pochettino’s tutelage, Maddison could be Spurs’ playmaker of the future.