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Sissoko believes Spurs can win the league

The French International shares his thoughts on the season.

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Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s season has been one wild roller coaster ride so far. Through all the injuries, rumors of transfers, Poch being wooed by Manchester United and poorly timed international breaks, somehow Spurs sit in third place, just five points back of both Manchester City and Liverpool. While this season has probably taken years off of every Tottenham supporter’s life, we can certainly say it’s been an entertaining one.

Moussa Sissoko has been one of the unsung heroes of this season. To say that his time at Tottenham had been tumultuous up until this season is putting it mildly. This season, Mauricio Pochettino has unlocked his best assets and utilized him in a way that supports the team every time he steps out onto the pitch. There’s a valid argument to make that he’s been one of the most important players, especially from about October on. The French International sat down with The Telegraph for a candid interview, and he spoke about Spurs’ chances of winning the league.

“We are not far,” he says. “If people want to talk about Liverpool and Man City then it’s better for us. We can follow our way in… how can I say it in English?”

Under the radar? “Ah, yeah,” Sissoko says. “We will be like that. Under the radar, I like that - and try to win and see where we are. For me, I prefer that. It means we can just do our job. We will fight to the end and anything can happen.

“And, yes, I think we can win the league because we have a good team. There are 13 games to the end so there are a lot of points left. But each game will be massive and hopefully we can win every one of them.”

Sissoko’s words seem to suggest that the club is happy with this under the radar approach. Whether it’s in the UK or US media, the title race is only brought up with City or Liverpool. It’s a great position to be in, especially when the club is only five back on the table. The pressure isn’t on Tottenham to truly challenge in the eyes of pundits, and those kind of teams can be dangerous when they are clicking.

The rest of the article/interview is very good, and I highly suggest you read it. You will need to register or log in with a premium account, but to give you a little more of what’s discussed, Sissoko goes on to talk about his early days in football and also how he grew up, never forgetting his roots.

“I know where I came from. I came from the street and when I was young everything was not easy for me or for my family,” Sissoko says. “I am very proud because I know I made a lot of sacrifices to be where I am and my family did as well. I left home when I was 14 and moved to Toulouse and for my family it was difficult to see me far away. But they knew it was for my future and that I wanted to do it. Where I am is because of them.”

One thing is for certain: Spurs consider themselves firmly in the title chase. With the team getting healthy again and Harry Kane possibly back within the next two weeks, Tottenham are here to create chaos in a season that has been chock full of it.