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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, March 21

An obsession with stationary.

Southampton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hey, Hoddlers!

I’m going to ramble about something I have a mild obsession with today.

Ramble of the Day

In some ways, this is an accidental extension of a Hoddle I did about a year ago, and I was reminded of this a few days ago, but I’ll just get to the point: I love stationary and organizers in the same department.

I’ve loved it since I was young, and right now, that means I have quite the assortment of pens, notepads, a notebook, and a planner. I also have a pouch for my pens, highlighters, a Sharpie, and maybe a pencil. (I’ve barely used a pencil since high school.) I also have some notebooks waiting for their chance to be used, and a number of pens waiting for the one I’m currently using to run out of ink.

I also know a bunch of stores I would go to when I run out of these items. like Muji or Flying Tiger Copenhagen, or MochiThings if I really want to spend money. I also know that I could probably get a nice notebook anywhere and lovely pens, like Target or Staples. Any time I get near notebooks or pens, I have to look. This is also occasionally true for well-designed thank you cards, but only if I know they’re there.

The thing about this obsession is that I have to limit myself all the time. I look, but hardly ever buy, though I will admit that buying my younger sister a notebook a few months ago was very satisfying. I have a lot of pens and notebooks waiting to be used, and have very little use for anything else, like a separate to-do notepad with the words “I HAVE TO DO WHAT?!” on the cover. I could write this in the numerous notebooks, notepads, and the planner that I have already. Somehow, I don’t find enough to write in any of these things and have a very tough time getting to the end of the notebook, bottom of the notepad sheet, or run out of ink in my pens.

Thankfully, it’s not because I’m a hoarder and need to keep everything sacred. In fact, I’m a little embarrassed at how few pages I’ve used in a notebook I got two-and-a-half years ago. It’s a little bit irrational, I’m aware, but to paraphrase my dad, how will I get the new things after breaking — or getting the satisfaction of using, in this case — old things? I don’t want to just scribble nonsense in my notebook — that’s what the Hoddle’s for, after all.

Really, though, I’ve come to terms with my obsession and my limitations. I may never need another notebook or pen in my life, or for at least another decade. It’s fine. I’m actually pretty happy with the pens and notebook and planner that I have, because they’re all lovely and well picked out.

It’s too bad people in the business are very good at churning out products I want to buy.

tl;dr: Struggles and satisfaction with stationary.

Links of the Day

Bolton Wanderers has avoided its latest winding-up order.

Barclays has been announced as a sponsor of the FA Women’s Super League in a multimillion pound deal.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has withdrawn from the England squad with a back injury.

Former Southampton midfielder Jhon Viafara has been arrested in Colombia on an American drug warrant.

Today’s longer read: Noah Davis interviews DaMarcus Beasley on being in the midst of a 20 year career that’s seen him play in six countries and a few positions for ESPN