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Check out these awesome photos from inside Tottenham’s new stadium

I’m getting shivery just looking at these.

Only three more sleeps until the first test event in the sparkling new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium! Tottenham’s U18s will play the first official football against Southampton U18s in the new 62,000 seat ground on the site of the old White Hart Lane this Sunday, March 24.

As anticipation ramps up to the stadium finally opening, Tottenham has released a new series of images that show parts of the stadiums’ interior. Photos include several of the hospitality areas including the Goal Line Bar, Dispensary, the Market Place food court, Beavertown Brewing, and another bar named The White Hart.

For most of us, it’s the closest we’re going to get to actually being inside the stadium and viewing these lovely places for a while, but they’re so pretty and give me all the feels so I figure now’s a good time to post them!

Have a look. Getting excited yet?

Photos provided by Tottenham Hotspur via Getty Images.