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Mousa Dembele, uh, might be too good for the Chinese Super League

He’s still got it!

AFP/Getty Images

What you are looking at right here is a goal by Mousa Dembele. The former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder was sold to the Chinese Super League this past January, and is now the best player by a county mile on Guangzhou R&F as he winds down his career.

This morning, I got a ping on my phone indicating that Dembele had scored a goal in a match against Tianjin Teda. Good for him! Highlights of the Super League are a little hard to come by so I figured that would be the end of it. I should’ve known — never doubt the internet to find clips of random matches of interest to Tottenham Hotspur fans across the glob.

So yes, we have a clip of Mousa Dembele scoring his first-ever goal in China! And, uh, you kind of need to see this.

I might love this clip more than my children. Look at the way he almost effortlessly breaks the ankles of that Tianjin Teda defender with the ball at his feet. That guy is clearly terrified of Moose. Dembele must be having an absolute blast on his new team, because based on this it sure looks like he can do whatever the heck he wants with the ball.

And that keeper! El-Oh-El.

We have described Dembele as a perfectly unique snowflake in world football while he was at Tottenham Hotspur — not a player you can ever fully replace because of the unique skill set he brings to matches. And based on this clip it’s pretty clear that China has no idea what to make of this guy, or how to stop him. This is what Moose used to do to Premier League defenders. It’s kind of nice to see him still doing it in another league even as his career comes to a close.