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Tottenham announce warm-weather training trip to Barcelona

Spurs are going back to sunny Spain for a few days

Soccer Legend Pele Visits Olympic Stadium In Barcelona
Here is a picture of the stadium where Spurs will train. Also Pele for some reason.
Photo by Xavi Torrent/Getty Images for Pele

Tottenham have a nice long break in between this weekend’s match against Southampton and their next against Liverpool, so they’re taking another special trip as a squad. For the fourth year in a row, Spurs are heading to Barcelona for some warm-weather training and team bonding. Mauricio Pochettino made the announcement at the end of his weekly press conference.

“Yes we are going to Barcelona after Saturday for a few days. I think we need a break all together. I hope there’s good weather. We didn’t have the chance before.

“Many clubs can make two or three breaks like this and spend time together in different countries. Barcelona is one and a half hours away, we know it very well and we are going to be in a very nice place training in the Estadi Olimpic Montjuic, it’s a beautiful place to work.

“Barcelona is a town that provides the best things, being all together, easy to manage and provide a very good place to work. I hope now the generality of Catalonia sends some presents because this publicity is amazing, for the tourism of Catalonia!”

Spurs usually take their mid-season training trip in January, but with Spurs still involved in four competitions it wasn’t possible to get away. Now, with their match against Crystal Palace postponed from its original date next weekend due to the FA Cup, Spurs have an opportunity to go somewhere nice and take a bit of a breather.

Not only do trips like this give the players an opportunity to train somewhere sunnier and warmer for a while, but it also allows them to let their hair down a bit as well. These trips can also provide some fun SpursTV videos, like this one from a couple years ago where Harry Winks lost a game of rock-paper-scissors and had to go into a store and buy a pair of Crocs because... IDK, reasons.

Just so long as nobody injures a hamstring tripping over a sidewalk seam while going to buy Catalan street food, I’m good.