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NBC gives Tottenham home tickets to woman honoring her late brother

Here’s an uplifting story to remind you that football is still good sometimes.

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It’s been a rough weekend for Tottenham Hotspur supporters, and I don’t think there are any fans who aren’t frustrated, disappointed, and a little angry by the way that match against Liverpool at Anfield ended. So sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and read about something that reminds you why we watch football and what it can mean to people who love the game.

I didn’t catch this live during NBC Sports’ coverage before and after the match, but Rebecca Lowe and co. were (aggravatingly) in Boston at a fan experience on Sunday and highlighted the story of Janelle Comeau and her husband JJ. Janelle’s brother Jason was a huge Tottenham fan who sadly passed away from leukemia in November, just after Spurs’ 3-1 win over the Blues at Wembley Stadium.

Janelle and JJ decided to honor her brother’s memory by embarking on a huge trip to see a football match at every Premier League stadium, something her brother wanted to do. And they got to 20... out of 21. They weren’t able to get tickets to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during their trip because of the numerous delays, which was an obvious disappointment.

Enter NBC. NBC Sports anchor Rebecca Lowe invited the pair to Boston and surprised them with a paid trip to London to see Spurs play in the new stadium against Huddersfield on April 13.

The full story is in this twitter video below.

What a trip, and what a story! I may or may not have first seen this last night right before bed, and I may or may not have cried real tears over this. It’s a great way for Janelle and JJ to honor their brother’s life, and I’m thrilled for both of them that they can be one of the first to experience a match in Tottenham’s new stadium.