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You have to watch this Tottenham Champions League locker room celebration video

A look inside the locker room of the Champions League semifinalists.

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Last night was pretty great, wasn’t it? Well, imagine being in the Tottenham Hotspur locker room and seeing the celebration of the players after they progressed past Manchester City and into the semifinals of the Champions League.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. There’s video!

I don’t know who actually filmed this video. My guess it’s not Mr. Paxton Road Upper from Twitter Dot Com, but whatever, doesn’t matter. This video is astounding and there’s so much going on. Let’s Zapruder Film this mofo:

  • The Etihad visitor’s locker room is predictably tiny, unadorned, and basic, as you’d expect from a Premier League stadium
  • Mauricio Pochettino walks in and immediately makes the Diego Simeone Huge Giant Testicles™ gesture while screaming wordlessly, then goes and tries to destroy a whiteboard
  • The OHHHH MOUSSA SISSOOOOOKOOOOO chant is started by Kyle Walker-Peters. Why that chant? Why the hell not! My guess is this video is just after Sissoko learned that Spurs hadn’t, in fact, been eliminated.
  • Sissoko, obviously nursing a groin pull, hobbling over to his teammates to celebrate is incredible
  • I can’t tell who’s throwing water on the lads while they jump around, but that person deserves knighthood
  • Dele walked into the room at the very beginning with no reaction and spends the entirety of the video sitting on the bench not celebrating, can someone give him a hug?
  • In contrast, Toby Alderweireld, Davinson Sanchez, and Jan Vertonghens’ enthusiasm is so infectious, like they know they’re about to get to beat up on their old club in the next round
  • Pretty sure Gazinga is squirting mustard from two squeeze bottles onto his teammates right at the end, which if true is both gross and endearing

All in all, this is both pretty much what you’d expect from a celebration video after one of the most intense and emotional Champions League matches ever, and also way, WAY better than I expected.

What else did you notice? Let us know in the comments.