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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, April 23

Google asks, Mauricio Pochettino answers.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Hi, all!

Brooklyn 99 gave me a life motto the other day: “Free food. Life finds a way.”

Ramble of the Day

It is time for another session of scattered notes I took while watching a video! Today’s video features Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino answering the most searched questions about him!

I watched it with my sisters right before rambling, and naturally, I have some thoughts.

  • Pochettino opens up the session by saying, “I am okay. We’ll see.” I appreciate that he will reserve his judgment for later and remains non-committal as the process begins.
  • The first few questions ask where Pochettino’s from, how to pronounce his name, and how tall he is, and how old he is. To the third, Pochettino and the host joke around about how these are the most searched questions about Mauricio Pochettino. I come to the point that a few of these questions would be easily answered by visiting Wikipedia; Pochettino says, “Maybe people is a little bit bored.”
  • Finally, a question that can’t be answered by Wikipedia pops up, and it is about who Pochettino’s idol is. The answer is obviously Diego Maradona, and he shares that he tried to watch Maradona sleep once when they were roomies at Newell’s Old Boys. That’s one way to weirdly obsess over your idol!
  • There’s a question about which watch Pochettino wears, which I have to imagine came from the watch company. Got to get that #ad in!
  • This was also mentioned in Guillem Balagué’s Brave New World, but Daniel Levy got Pochettino a Bentley as a gift. That is one elaborate gift, though Pochettino also owns a smart car and is waiting for an electric Audi. It isn’t clear whether or not the Audi (another #ad) is replacing the smart car or not.
  • Pochettino says it should be easy for him to learn Italian, probably because he already knows Spanish and English. That could be enough to get a decent transfer rumor started, but there probably isn’t an available job that he’d be interested in taking at this time.
  • The question of who Pochettino is married to pops up, and he is asked about the time Spurs won 2-6 at Everton on his 26th wedding anniversary. “Amazing present, no?,” Pochettino said. “It’s a present from the universe.” I am hoping he got his wife a real gift, because conceding twice is no amazing gift.
  • Another question: “How did Mauricio Pochettino rejuvenate Spurs?” I doubt anyone has ever actually written this in the Google search bar, I’m sorry.
  • Pochettino is asked if he dyes his hair, to which he says no. I didn’t believe him at first, but I am convinced by his argument that the “stress,” or white hairs, appear on the beard and chest.
  • Finally, Pochettino answers if he is the best manager in the world. “No doubt, of course,” he says before the host is fully done asking the question. Is it a joke or is he 100% serious? I’ll have to pop that question to Google.

tl;dr: Google demanded answers of Mauricio Pochettino, so he gave them.

Links of the Day

Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi has ruptured his achilles and is set to miss the rest of the season.

More than 160 clubs in Britain will participate in the Football Welcomes initiative this weekend in an effort to support refugees in the country.

Relevent Sports, organizers of the International Champions Cup, is suing the U.S. Soccer Federation after the federation would not sanction a top-flight Ecuadorian match.

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling will attend and pay for the funeral of Damary Dawkins, the 13-year-old Crystal Palace youth player who died of leukemia last month.

Today’s longer read: Joshua Law leaves a very bad review for former Arsenal defender André Santos’s São Paulo restaurant for Planet Football