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Leaked Spurs 2019-20 kit designs show new stadium inspiration

Spurs are going cyan for the first time since 2015-16.

In addition to being transfer rumor season, it’s also kit leak season! We’ve already gotten one leak from preeminent football kit leaking website Footy Headlines — and they’re almost always right, so you can pretty much take this to the bank — that said Tottenham’s third kits for 2019-20 will be a bright cyan blue with navy trim, but not much information beyond that.

Well, Footy Headlines is back with slightly more detail, and it seems that the Nike third kits will take some inspiration from Spurs’ new stadium. According to the report, the third kits will have an all-over print that recalls design elements from the exterior of Spurs’ new home, as depicted on this glove. (Why a glove? Who knows, maybe Hugo will wear it or something.)

I gotta say, I’ve always been one of the people who has liked the highlighter blue kits Spurs have worn in the past. I have one of the blue aways from the “sash year” with Kane’s name on it that I bought at White Hart Lane, and for a while I owned a cheap overseas knock-off “super cyan” kit with the HP logo on the front. I kind of like the color. I expect not to have a visceral reaction to this when they are released in September.

Thus far all we know about the homes and aways next year is that the homes will have white shirts and navy shorts (duh) and that the aways will be again predominantly navy. And because it’s Nike, it will probably be similar to every other Nike template garbage that every other Nike outfitted club will be wearing.