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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, April 8

A fun photoshoot.

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hi, Hoddlers!

The Hoddle’s back to its regular programming, though I hope at least a few of you enjoyed Friday’s surprise ramble.

Ramble of the Day

I have quite a lot of respect for people that are involved in professional photoshoots for famous people. I tend to think that the people that are the subjects of these photoshoots — actors, models, athletes, whomever — tend to look their best in these settings, and it is all down to the professionals involved in setting up the stage. This is true for the Panini Stars photoshoots the French men’s national team did in 1993; the professionals did an incredible job in storytelling, and the players have taken some of their best photos. I’ll highlight a few from a thread.

The only consistency about these stories is that they’re all very ‘90s — everything else isn’t particularly glamorous, but a lot of fun. Basile Boli is, for whatever reason, posing like a chair model, or like a clothes model. Not sure! This is probably one of the more straightforward pictures of the shoot.

There’s something so smartly pensive about this Eric Cantona shot. I’m glad it’s him in the middle of the picture frame.

I don’t need to add anything to this. It’s the best, and it’s pretty clear to see.

This Christophe Cocard image is definitely a little bit more artsy than the other ones. There is a constant of bright colors coming from somewhere in about all of these images, though this one’s just limited to Cocard’s shirt. This one is a little bit gimmicky, which makes it all the more enjoyable. I do wonder how many tries it took to get that shot just right.

I can’t really tell you what’s happening here, but I can’t say I dislike it. It does feel a bit like a meme-worthy image, which I respect.

Art by placing Emmanuel Petit in a practical situation, but in the most photogenic way. (I’m sure you’re realizing that there just isn’t a lot to say, but much to look at.)

This is the most boring one, and it makes me wonder if the players had any say in how they were photographed. I don’t know a lot about Christian Perez, and I don’t know if he was interesting or dull, but even a bright pink polo isn’t saving you from your golf stock image. It’s a weird departure from every other picture with visual interest and a story to tell that I really can’t explain.

Close contender for the best one. Love that Fabrice Divert looks photoshopped in. Another contender for why I think the players had some say in how they dressed up and posed, though I can just as easily be convinced a professional decided Divert should pretend to be Robin Hood.

I’m not really so sure the story being told here by the overall set of photos, if there is one to be told at all. Regardless, it’s a fun and eclectic group of photos that are incredibly enjoyable, and I am beyond happy that they exist. We should have the 2018 France team do a follow-up to celebrate winning the World Cup — or any other team. I’m not picky.

tl;dr: To the ‘90s with the French men’s national team.

Links of the Day

Three different English clubs reported racist abuse by fans to players on Saturday.

Jordan Pickford has been disciplined and warned by Everton following an incident in Sunderland last week.

Ronaldinho’s son Joao Mendes de Assis Moreira has signed a contract with Cruziero, and will play with the U-14 team.

Today’s longer read: Noah Davis on eMLS Cup champion Cormac Dooley and his choice between a professional gaming career and beginning his college education for ESPN