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Tottenham is planning a tifo for the Champions League, and we have some ideas

“To Dare is to Do” is a neat idea, but we think Spurs can do better than that.

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Generally speaking, English football clubs don’t usually do tifo. For those who don’t know what it is, tifo is the act of a football crowd, usually just a single stand, holding up cards or other objects in a coordinated pattern to form a picture, viewable from across the stadium. You see a lot of this in the Bundesliga — Dortmund’s “yellow wall” is especially famous for their elaborate tifo, and it’s being picked up in the United States by various MLS clubs as well.

You don’t see it much in the Premier League, but you’re going to see it on Tuesday night. According to, season ticket holders in Spurs’ new south stand were emailed asking them to look under their seats for a special “coloured, 100 per cent recyclable plastic bag” that they can use for what the club is calling an “iconic image” before kickoff.

“Help us start the match with a clear message of intent. All ticket holders in the South Stand will find a coloured, 100 per cent recyclable plastic bag on their seat upon arrival.

”By holding the bag up with the plain side facing towards the pitch as the teams enter the field of play, we shall display a motif of our ‘To Dare Is To Do’ motto that will fill the entire south stand providing an unforgettable visual impact.

”We kindly ask for your co-operation for a total of 60 seconds to create an iconic image that will be seen around the world once again showcasing our new home in its glory.”

It’ll undoubtedly be a cool moment, one using that south stand for particularly good effect. It’s probably gonna be a scripty “Audere est facere” in blue and white that’ll look pretty neat to everyone who isn’t holding up one of those bags.

However, we’re a little disappointed by the lack of creativity here. Why stop at Audere est facere? Why not something more creative?

We at Cartilage Free Captain put our heads together and came up with a list of Spurs tifo that they SHOULD be doing tomorrow night, but won’t.

  • Evil Chirpy’s cold, dead eyes
  • Pochettino as Che Guevara
  • Tom Carroll’s face
  • Moussa Sissoko kicking a ball that becomes Earth’s moon
  • Eric Dier holding an artichoke
  • Jan Vertonghen in Superman costume
  • Close-up of Harry Kane’s open mouth
  • Victor Wanyama eating spaghetti
  • Harry Redknapp through a car window
  • Mousa Dembele gouging Diego Costa’s eye
  • A Turfies tableau (including grave with RIP)
  • Bill Nicholson with Biggie Smalls crown
  • Sissoko squaring up to West Ham’s Mark Noble
  • A giant yellow card with Erik Lamela’s face on it

Any more ideas? Put them in the comments!