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AS: Real Madrid has “verbal agreement” with Christian Eriksen for summer transfer

This sounds bad! But don’t panic yet.

Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: First Leg Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There’s already been a lot of transfer window chatter surrounding the future of Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen, and for very good reason. Eriksen, 27, is legitimately one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, is at the peak of his playing career, and is finally coming out from under the radar and attracting attention from some of the best clubs in world football.

Eriksen also has not signed an extension to his Tottenham contract, which expires summer of 2020. That has led to endless speculation about whether he’ll push to move on from Spurs this summer or decide to commit his future to Mauricio Pochettino and north London. The news coming obliquely out of the club was positive last week, with reports that Eriksen had reopened negotiations with Spurs about a new contract that would put him near the top of Tottenham’s new wage structure.

However, there’s a new report out today from Spanish outlet AS that paints a very different picture. In this one, Real Madrid has come to a “verbal agreement” with Eriksen for a transfer to the Spanish capital this summer.

Real Madrid’s high level of interest in securing the signature of Spurs’ Christian Eriksen is nothing new but the LaLiga club now seem to appear to have made progression after coming to a verbal agreement with the midfielder which could see the Danish player at the Santiagio Bernabéu next season. The move would see Real Madrid offering the player a package that would improve his current four million euro annual salary.

Madrid’s next task is to sit down with Tottenham representatives and commence a negotiation process which they know from experience will be a complex procedure.

— AS

So there are a couple of things to keep in mind here after reading this report. The first is that nobody should really consider AS to be an unimpeachable source of transfer rumors. They are a Spanish tabloid, probably a close analogue to the Daily Mail in England.

Second, a “verbal agreement” is a really nebulous thing. It could mean that Madrid has directly reached out with a wage package and Eriksen has agreed to it, and now the two clubs just need to hammer out a transfer fee. That’s the line AS is taking here. On the other hand, a “verbal agreement” also could simply be that intermediaries from Madrid have informally reached out to Eriksen’s agent and said Hey, if Madrid were to hypothetically offer €X/year, is that cool, with the agent saying Yep, that’d probably work.

It could, of course, also be complete hogwash — it’s AS, after all — and this report kinda glosses over that Madrid has also been very much linked to Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, a player who also seems to want a change of scenery. It seems unlikely that they would end up purchasing both.

Madrid also still has to negotiate with Daniel Levy. ESPN’s The Telegraph’s Matt Law responded to the story thusly:

That said, the rumors swirling around Eriksen have all had this in common: it seems likely that if Eriksen has concrete interest from one of the European super-clubs and he expressed a desire to go there, that Spurs would likely make that happen. Eriksen is by all accounts quite happy at Spurs, but the club knows that if he wants to make a move the time is now before he enters the final year of his contract. The list of clubs that could realistically interest Eriksen and that could afford him is small. Should hypothetical interest from Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, or Bayern Munich dry up or fail to materialize, then a contract extension at Tottenham is probably likely.

So should you be worried about this report? I don’t know, you do you. Considering the source, I’m not fully convinced that this is something Spurs fans should be getting our knickers in a twist over quite yet, but there does exist a real possibility that a super-club could make an approach for Eriksen. I don’t expect we’ll know anything before the end of the season, nor do I think that Spurs will even begin to address a hypothetical bid for Eriksen before the summer.

Though for everyone’s sake I hope that whatever happens, happens early enough that Spurs can plan for the upcoming transfer window, whether that means planning for a Tottenham midfield that includes the Great Dane, or planning to spend whatever money they get for selling him on.