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The Miracle of Amsterdam: buy the T-shirt!

Wanna commemorate THAT goal? Have we got the shirt for you!

Hey, remember that game against Ajax at the Johann Cruyff Stadium that sent Tottenham Hotspur to the Champions League finals? Of course you do, none of us have been able to shut up about it since it happened. Lucas Moura may have scored a hat trick, but it was that third goal in the 95th minute that all of us will remember. The Turner broadcaster called it “The Miracle of Amsterdam” and who are WE to argue?

Well, now you can wear that moment forever, or at least until it falls apart in the washing machine. We at Cartilage Free Captain have teamed up with BreakingT to bring you your very own commemorative t-shirt, complete with 2018-19 third kit color highlights!

BreakingT does good shirts. They come in Small through 3XL. They’re made of a comfortable cotton blend. And most critically, they ship internationally.

Buy this shirt now and wear it to your Champions League watch party. If there are others there, it’s a great way of identifying the Cartilage Free Captain peeps that you maybe didn’t know. They also make great presents for the Spurs fan or the prospective Spurs fan in your life.

Best part is, if someone stops you on the street and asks you what the Miracle of Amsterdam is, boy howdy can you tell them! In excruciating detail!

It was an unbelievable moment. Now you can own the Shirt Edition™ of that same moment.

Update: the shirts are off to a super hot start so BreakingT has now added kid-size shirts AND hoodies! You can purchase them at the same link below.

You can buy the Miracle of Amsterdam t-shirt here.