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Danny Rose confirms fiery Harry Kane team talk at halftime of Ajax win

So it DID happen after all!

Huddersfield Town v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Did Danny Rose finally solve the Mystery of the Harry Kane Halftime Bollocking? Seems like he might. In the aftermath of Spurs’ 3-2 win over Ajax in Amsterdam, Kieran Tripper gave an interview where he said that injured vice captain Harry Kane came to the away dressing room and absolutely ripped into the team, giving a fired-up halftime talk that inspired the team to victory.

He was, as we like to say here, totally buzzing.

Or was he? Because the next day, manager Mauricio Pochettino denied that team talk from Kane ever happened. Weird, right? Who are we supposed to believe, Pochettino or Trippier?

Well, apparently it’s Trippier, because in an interview today on talkSPORT, Danny Rose confirmed Trips’ story, saying “When Harry goes, he goes.”

The joke is that Angry Harry Kane is just not-angry Harry Kane speaking in a slightly louder conversational voice, but who knows, maybe the team knows how to interpret Harry’s cues. Anyway, it seems like it clearly happened, and IDK what Pochettino was talking about.

The other important bit from that interview talked about Rose’s ongoing battle with depression, something he has been outspoken about this season. In another clip, Rose said that another Premier League possibly overseas club interested in buying him approached him in a car park last summer, wanting to make sure that he “was not crazy” before they made formal approach. Rose said he was extremely embarrassed and angered by the incident and he called his agent right away.

Kudos to Rose for speaking up about the shocking behavior exhibited by this club official, and for continuing to speak openly and candidly about mental illness. Rose declined to identify the club official or which club he worked for, and we may never know, but it does put a pretty fine point on how far we as a society have yet to go to adequately acknowledge and destigmatize mental illness and those who struggle with it.

Good job, Danny. Please stay at Spurs forever.