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Tottenham bans three supporters for reselling Champions League final tickets

Protip: don’t do that.

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Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

As previously mentioned, there just aren’t enough Champions League final tickets available to even come close to meeting the demand by Tottenham Hotspur fans. But if you were one of the lucky Spurs fans to be able to get a ticket and were hoping to make a tidy profit by selling those tickets on the secondary market, the club has a very clear message to you: don’t.

Today the club announced on social media that it has “indefinitely banned” three season ticket holders for attemping to sell their tickets to the final on June 1 at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid on secondary ticketing platforms.

The club has always taken a very dim view on the idea of reselling tickets for a profit, though critics have noted that Spurs’ previous affiliation with StubHub essentially legitimized that practice until the club reverted to an in-house ticket resale system a couple of years ago. Even so, selling Champions League tickets received through the Spurs’ allocation is beyond the pale. There are presently tickets available on Stubhub for the match with the cheapest ticket going for an astonishing €4500, but most of them assumedly are tickets purchased directly from UEFA and not from the club’s supporters allocations.

Those prices reflect a HUGE mark-up from the list price, and I’m sure it’s quite tempting for fans to consider making a lot of money by selling their tickets. However, Spurs clamping down on the resale market for their tickets sends a clear message: season ticket holders should not profit on their good fortune in receiving a supporters section ticket, and if you aren’t able to attend, the right thing to do is to return your tickets to the club so that one of the thousands of people on a waiting list can have an opportunity to watch Spurs play in their biggest match in modern history.