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AS: Spurs are very, VERY interested in Giovani Lo Celso


Real Betis Balompie v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

Let’s start out with a caveat: This is a transfer rumor based on an AS article.

I’m going to repeat it, just for clarity: this rumor comes courtesy of an article from Spanish sports daily AS, which is basically the Spanish equivalent of the Daily Mail. It is not to be taken as gossip. It isn’t, say, the Turkish media which literally makes things up, but neither should it be considered an unimpeachable source of information like, say, the BBC.

But holy moly do I want this to be true. An article in AS today is reporting that Spurs are extremely interested in Real Betis’ 23-year old creative midfielder Giovani Lo Celso, who Betis literally just exercised an option to buy from Paris St. Germain. The line of thinking goes as follows: Betis didn’t qualify for European competition this season, which is bad, and thus they will need to sell most of their saleable assets in order to make ends meet. That includes Lo Celso, who was on loan at Betis last season and immediately became Betis’ most valuable asset.

The AS article says that Spurs are willing to pay as much as €60m for Lo Celso, which is a lot, but considering he had 9 goals and 5 assists last season in 2400 minutes in La Liga from a mostly central midfield position, you can see why we get a little excited by this rumor. If you’ve read Cartilage Free Captain at all over the past couple of months you know that the masthead’s first choice for a central midfield signing is Lyon’s Tanguy Ndombele. Closely behind him, however, is Giovani Lo Celso.

Now imagine we signed both of them. I get giddy at the mere thought.

Look, I love Christian Eriksen as much as the next guy, probably even more. But if you asked me if I’d trade Eriksen for the option to buy both Ndombele and Lo Celso next season, I’d gnaw my arm off. I would cry real tears over our Danish Dynamo, but that would represent some seriously good business and would likely make Spurs a better, more rounded team.

Guard your heart — it’s an AS article, and AS is not to be (fully) trusted. But holy crap you guys, WHAT IF IT HAPPENED?